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Sedation Dentistry

So many people are managing their lives to keep their anxiety triggers at bay. You’re not alone. Sometimes it’s hard to know what will trigger that tension, and unending worry and sense of uncertainty. Now, your dental office can’t offer you answers for the outside world, but they can promise that they offer a calm, [...] READ MORE »

Six Things to Look For in an Earth Friendly Dental Office

When you’re choosing a new dentist there is so much to consider. Will you be comfortable there? Will they listen to you and honour your choices? Will they work with your insurance provider and make certain you’re using the coverage to your best advantage? But is the dental office also doing all they can to […]


Bad Breath: Mints are Not Enough

You look good. You feel good. But how is your breath? Like an unseen force bad breath can take you down without your knowledge. Sure everyone struggles after a particularly garlicky meal. But what we’re talking about is when your breath has a personality of it’s own. And it’s not the type of personality that […]


The Real Beauty Sleep

What if you could just have a wonderful nap and when you woke, all the things you’ve always wanted to fix in your smile has been accomplished? Wouldn’t that be a dream? No awkward small talk or pretending to watch terrible daytime TV while they work. You simply relax and probably go to sleep and […]


Your Vacation Dental Plan

It is winter. Many of us take holidays during the winter season. Something to escape the cold and the rain. We know the idea of worrying about your oral health as you’re planning your sun soaked destination seems a little over the top. But hear us out. This is the inside track on how to […]


Don’t Let Your Dental Plan Go to Waste!

Truth: 95% of dental plans financial limits end December 31st. What does this mean to you? It means that you may be missing out. You may be missing a year of benefits that you could have used up. If you have a few treatments scheduled, getting some completed in 2015 means that there will be […]


Sugar: The Sweet & Silent Killer

Although we think you’re sweet enough, we also understand that avoiding all sugar is pretty impossible. In our North American diet we are quite used to imbibing more sugar than we really should. The nice thing is there are a lot of sugar alternatives to help you get that hit of sweet without the extra […]


Who Wants to be a Vampire?

Every year the search for the perfect Halloween costume is always a struggle. Between managing cost, weather, and how much fun you’ll have dressed in a box to be Sponge Bob Square Pants, it can be a frustrating endeavour. Can you believe Willow Dental Care wants to help you out? Giving back. It’s what we […]


7 Habits of Great Oral Health

With everything you do to take such good care of your overall health, here are 6 new habits that will make you healthier without a lot of effort. Drinking Sugary Drinks Like those fancy coffee drinks?  People often sip them slowly and through a straw, so the sugar slowly coats their teeth. As Heidi, Willow […]


The Secret to your Child’s Dental Health

Are you happily sun-kissed and water-logged from the long hot playful days with your kids? Looking for any “shade activities”? This has been a record hot summer. Here is a thought. Why not take your kids to their 6 month dental check up before they go back to school? OK we feel your exaggerated eye […]

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