Oral Sedation Procedure

Your Willow Dental Care dentist will discuss with you in detail the pre-operative, operative and post-operative procedures and protocols.

Overview of Conscious Oral Sedation Procedure

After you and your dentist have determined that conscious oral sedation is the most appropriate level of sedation for you, here’s what you can expect to happen:

The Night Before Your Dental Appointment

  • Right before bedtime, you will take your oral conscious sedation pill.
  • Please don’t consume any food or water (except water taken with your medication) for 6 hours before your appointment.
  • No stimulants (chocolate, coffee, certain drugs) for 12 hours before and after your appointment.

Before You Come to Your Appointment

  • Please don’t wear contact lenses or tinted glasses – your oral sedation team needs to be able to see your pupils.
  • Bring a responsible person to assist you after your appointment is over.

After Your Appointment: 24 Hours

  • Please don’t drive or operate machinery
  • No heavy lifting, climbing stairs or making important decisions