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Morning Breath: Embarrassing? Or a Health Concern?

Everyone awakes with some level of morning breath. For most people a good brush and floss after breakfast will take care of the smell and they can get on with their day. But if morning breath persists, you might want to investigate. The culprits of bad morning breath are diet, oral hygiene habits or sometimes it […]


No Dental Insurance? No Problem!

You know the importance of good dental health, but due to work circumstances you haven’t had access to dental insurance. All dentists  base their fees on the BC Dental Fee Guide set by the College of Dental Surgeons, which is good to know and even with dental insurance, sometimes with larger treatment there are still […]


The Art of Effective Communication

Do you often  feel you are not heard, or just not connecting to the other person? The art of effective communication often falls by the way side in contemporary life. The interesting thing is if you employ the art of effective listening, you ensure understanding, resolve conflicts, and improve accuracy.  Listening builds friendships and may […]


No Toothbrush? Quick! What Do You Do?

Other than purchasing a new toothbrush what do you do in a pinch when you need to scrub off those sugar bugs and plaque? Well the wellness warriors at Willow Dental Care have your back! 4 simple steps to a clean mouth without a toothbrush. Wet a paper towel or a soft clean wash cloth […]


Earth Day 2013

April 22nd is Earth Day. When it started in 1990, we as a people needed a bit of a wake up. In 2013, who doesn’t know they need to reduce, reuse or recycle? The 3 R’s may have become part of our culture but everyone still needs to do their part to save the earth. […]


6 Ways to Combat Anxiety

Anxiety is no fun. It’s unhelpful when trying to accomplish things. It wreaks havoc on our health. But most of all at Willow Dental Care we think life should be fun. And no one is having fun if they are anxious. You may have noticed that Willow Dental Care takes special interest in your comfort […]


Which Toothbrush is Right for You?

Ever stand in the pharmacy staring at the overwhelming selection of toothbrushes wondering how you’re going to pick one? Eventually, you simply pick the cheapest or the one that will match your bathroom or gives you a giggle!   As much as we’ll support anything that helps you enjoy brushing your teeth, here are a few […]


Toothbrush Confidential asks: Is Kissing Good for your Health?

Isn’t it terribly delicious when you find out something you consider hedonistic is actually healthy? Kind of reframes your wellness journey into something almost delightful – doesn’t it? Could kissing be one of these hedonistic/healthy pursuits? Toothbrush Confidential investigated and delivers the skinny on the health benefits of kissing. Besides improving your mood, kissing causes […]

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