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Your Oral Health is Going Up in Smoke

Smoking’s detrimental affects to your health are wide spread and well known. But did you know that smoking reeks havoc on your oral health? You brush and floss daily. You visit your dentist twice a year and you’re even good about keeping your diet fairly sugar free. Your teeth should be in wonderful shape, non? […]


Sedation and Family Dentistry

Wouldn't it be wonderful to never dread the dentist again? That's only one of the many benefits of  sedation dentistry at Willow Dental Care. And if it's been awhile since your last dental visit, sedation dentistry can correct any resulting damage or decay, usually in just one or two visits. Whether you need a cavity [...] READ MORE »

Where Do You Look?

Every six months you go to the dentist. You take good care of your teeth. Usually it’s not a very stressful experience, until you’re sitting in the chair and the hygienist has started working away and where do you look? The TV above you is on, but it feels weird to stare past the hygienist […]


How to Buy an Electric Toothbrush

With everything you do, is there really time to research how to buy the right electric toothbrush for you? No and you shouldn’t  have to. Toothbrush Confidential has packaged for you an easy list of the how’s and why’s of which electric toothbrush will be perfect for you. First of all when we mention electric toothbrushes […]


No Sedation Fee? Incredible!

Have you heard our radio ad? Check it out here! Book your appointment today! Willow Dental Care Chilliwack 25 – 46030 Yale Road West, Chilliwack, BC V2P7V2                                                         […]


Morning Breath: Embarrassing? Or a Health Concern?

Everyone awakes with some level of morning breath. For most people a good brush and floss after breakfast will take care of the smell and they can get on with their day. But if morning breath persists, you might want to investigate. The culprits of bad morning breath are diet, oral hygiene habits or sometimes it […]


No Dental Insurance? No Problem!

You know the importance of good dental health, but due to work circumstances you haven’t had access to dental insurance. All dentists  base their fees on the BC Dental Fee Guide set by the College of Dental Surgeons, which is good to know and even with dental insurance, sometimes with larger treatment there are still […]


The Art of Effective Communication

Do you often  feel you are not heard, or just not connecting to the other person? The art of effective communication often falls by the way side in contemporary life. The interesting thing is if you employ the art of effective listening, you ensure understanding, resolve conflicts, and improve accuracy.  Listening builds friendships and may […]

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