Restorative Dentistry

Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in your body.   However daily wear and tear, aging and poor oral hygiene breaks down the enamel and leads to damaged or discoloured teeth resulting in aged looking smiles .  There are many options today to restore your teeth back to full function and esthetics.  Materials such as Porcelain and Gold crowns, all Porcelain crowns and Veneers or Tooth Colour Fillings provide many options.


The dark fillings ( ie Amalgam) often found in the mouth are a combination of silver and mercury.   Long term studies of the use of this material has lead to concerns about heavy metal toxicity.   If you have silver mercury fillings and have questions about heavy metal toxicity consult at Willow Dental Care.  Should you chose to remove silver mercury fillings, our clinics use approved harm reduction protocols.   In all cases of new dental repairs, we do not use (Amalgam) silver mercury fillings.    We are mercury free clinics. 

We use tooth coloured fillings in all our restorative dental work.  These materials are chemically bonded to the tooth.  These materials have proven to be durable, matching the look, colour and strength of your natural enamel.

Contact one of our clinics to learn more about mercury-free fillings.

ROOT CANAL THERAPY or Saving that Badly Damaged Tooth

When a tooth is badly damaged, Root Canal Therapy is an advanced solution that allows you to keep your tooth and avoid any future complications with gum/jawbone loss or tooth misalignment.  This treatment has garnered poor press.  The reality is the alternate treatment is extraction.  The objective is to save teeth and maintain function.    Regular x-rays and preventative care leads to fewer and fewer root canals as problems are detected early and are simple to correct.

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