Our Promises

Willow Dental Care Promises

Each of the dental clinics in the Willow Dental Care Group are held to a strict set of patient promises that allow us to deliver on the goal to “offer each patient optimal dental care in a pleasing environment”.

As a member of the Willow Dental Care Group, each of our dental clinics promise:

  • To provide professional care and friendly service to each and every patient
  • To offer full disclosure on any or all treatment options available for achieving your smile goals.
  • To remain committed to social responsibility — always seeking out eco-friendly options and digital alternatives.
  • To remain connected to our patients through online and offline forums, allowing for an open dialogue and a wider sense of knowledge.
  • To work with you to exceed your smile goals, whether you are interested in Cosmetic, Restorative or Sedation Dentistry.
  • To always explain clearly what each dental procedure will entail and how it will help further your smile aspirations.

To learn more about the Willow Dental Care patient promises, contact a member of Willow Dental Care today.