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At Willow Dental Care, We’re Devoted Exclusively To Transforming Smiles


If you’re anxious or nervous about dental care, sedation dentistry can be your solution for the healthiest smile of your life. We offer you several sedation dentistry options at Willow Dental Care, including Conscious Oral Sedation and IV sedation for a comfortable dental appointment. Learn more about Sedation Dentistry offered at Willow Dental Care.


Oral Health Care has been linked to General Health so take care of yourself and contact one of our team members for your regular hygiene appointment. We offer you professional dental hygiene cleanings, dental sealants and professional advice that will help you prevent cavities, gum disease, tooth decay, tooth loss and more. Learn more about General Dentistry offered at Willow Dental Care


A brilliant smile can help you achieve your professional and personal goals. Contact one of our team members for Cosmetic Dentistry solutions that will take your smile from okay to fantastic in just a few short appointments. If your teeth are chipped, cracked, discoloured or crooked, learn how Willow Dental Care can help.


Laser Dentistry utilizes innovative dental technology that allows us to clean and contour your teeth with extreme precision. Laser Dentistry can promote healing and reduce the need for stitches, allowing you to recover from dental treatment that much quicker. Learn more about Laser Dentistry options offered at Willow Dental Care.


Fight the effects of daily wear and tear on your teeth and restore your smile at Willow Dental Care. We offer restorative dental solutions that bring back the health and shine to your smile so that you can get back to saying hello with a gorgeous grin. Learn more about Restorative Dentistry option at Willow Dental Care.


If you experience any sudden pain in your tooth or teeth, or if you break off a tooth, or if you have any dental emergencies whatsoever, Willow Dental Care is available for Emergency Dental Appointments. Learn more.

To learn more about the services offered at Willow Dental Care, contact a team member today.

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