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What is YOUR dental team like?

Do you know when you say that you love your dentist…you realize that you really love his office staff?  There are some offices that really take care of their staff and make sure they get the training they need.  AND I mean training on client care NOT just dental techniques! This weekend was the yearly […]


Do You Wish You’d Worn Your Retainer?

So you had braces as a kid.  Your teeth looked great.  You even have a few pictures where they were perfect.  Then somewhere in the after care, wearing your retainer became more of a pain then a habit. Without the reinforcement of the retainer training the muscle memory in your mouth, your teeth shifted a […]


Oral Cancer – Who’s Got Your Back?

Remember when people were afraid to mention the word cancer? They’d refer to it as the big C or whisper it. Luckily we’ve moved beyond fear with incredible advances in cancer detection and treatment. We’re actively taking steps to keep ourselves heathy and head cancer off before it becomes a larger problem in our lives. […]


Orthodontics Are Just for Kids – Right?

Remember when Tom Cruise wore braces for a while? I remember being surprised that a superstar like Tom would think that he needed braces or that he wouldn’t schedule them for while he was out of the public eye. Like we assume stars do when they have plastic surgery. But no, he proudly flashed his […]


That Whole Whitening Process – And What Does it Mean?

It can be so confusing and expensive just to get some pearly whites. Today many businesses offer the treatment and there is so much offered over the counter. How do you decide? Is it price or is it results that determine your purchase? To begin, have realistic expectations. Everyone’s teeth are different. Yellower teeth brighten […]

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