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Conscious Sedation – Is it for You?

Conscious Sedation Do you have dental anxiety?  Have you put off dental treatment because you can’t stand the thought of going into a dental office? Do you have a touchy gag reflex? Or maybe you have a lot of work to get done? You might think that Conscious Sedation is only for extreme circumstances, but [...] READ MORE »

To Sleep Before You Brush: How Bad Is It?

We all know to brush our teeth before we go to bed. But missing this step does happen. But really, how bad is it? Is it as bad as smoking? Or sitting for too long? In the list of healthful things you should do everyday, where does falling asleep without a clean mouth land? Well […]


5 Minutes Could Save Your Life

We know that cancer is scary. It is the BIG C. You may not know it but Oral Cancer moves very quickly. Why? The truth is that oral cancer may already be developing in the mouth very subtly and painlessly. By the time signs of oral cancer are visibly detectable, by the lumps or colour […]


Need to Quit Smoking? Help is Here!

Smoking is addictive, we know that now.  And it is terrible on your health and one of the hardest things to quit. You’ve heard it all before, but Toothbrush Confidential may have found the magic key. Recently we heard Pete Holmes mention on his podcast You Made it Weird, that “smoking is like lighting a […]


The How of Habits

We are what we repeatedly do. “_Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit_”. – Aristotle Habits happen. Good or bad we get the habit of a thought, an exercise or an experience and we tend to repeat that experience. Whether it’s falling asleep without brushing our teeth, doing yoga every morning or looking […]


To Gargle or Not to Gargle

Is your mouth kissable or should you take out the mouthwash? It feels great and is a lovely finisher to your evening bathroom ritual, but do you need it? According to Heidi, one of our hygienists, the big thing to remember is that mouthwash will not remove plaque. It might feel great, but only “the […]


Tricked Out Healthy Halloween Treats!

Sometimes we feel like fall is the season of candy. But what if it wasn’t? What if you had simple options for your Halloween healthy treats? What if your little tricksters loved them too? We can feel your exaggerated eye roll from here. You’re thinking ‘ Toothbrushes, their going to tell us to give away […]


Fun While Brushing Your Teeth

Make bedtime ritual more fun!!! Brush your teeth! Floss! How many times do parents have to say this… what happens when the child is inspired and excited to do his oral health “chores”? We see adults who have found they are more likely to floss if they have tools that inspire them, so why not […]

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