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8 Tips for a Healthy Smile This Summer!

You’re all over the sunscreen and sun shades to keep your skin and eyes healthy. Now what about your oral health? We’ve brought you our top tips to keep you and your family’s health and safety in check this summer. 1) Water. It’s the number one health tip (water battles are up with sunscreen for […]


Are you Prepared for the Season of Dating?

Whether it’s mother nature’s inspired summer fever or the simple fact that the sun is out, summer tends to be The Season of Dating. What Toothbrush Confidential wants to empower you with is: 1) Is your mouth Kiss ready? 2) The Dangers of Kissing First off bad breath is going to kill your game no […]


Wedding Bells are Ringing

It’s all so exciting isn’t it? Weddings..the love, the celebration of life and commitment and all those photos. And the cold hard truth is, those photos will be viewed and shared for years to come. Are you photo ready? Whether you are a member of the wedding party, the bride or the groom, you’d like […]


Meet Dr. Eslami!

Dr. Eslami has chosen to live and practice dentistry in Chilliwack, Willow Dental Care Chilliwack specifically. Born in Iran, Dr. Eslami moved to BC when he was in Grade 11. He completed a degree in engineering before finding his way into dentistry.  A double degree dentist! Below is an interview with Dr. Eslami. What factor […]


First Visit Free

*Update – This offer is no longer valid. When do you bring your baby in for their first dental visit? What should you expect? Willow Dental Care offers parents a positive experience for your child’s first dental visit: A First Free Visit for every child between 1 year and 18 months. Every child should have the […]


Welcome Dr. Diana Plavsic to Willow Dental Care Vancouver!

We’re very pleased to welcome Dr. Diana Plavsic to the Willow Dental Care family. Dr. Diana Plavsic is a family dentist with over 20 years of experience in general and family dentistry. She earned her first dentistry degree at the University of Sarajevo, Yugoslavia in 1990. She met Dr Vigneault in the advanced cosmetic study […]


Flossing for Two

Babies! Oh those tiny little bundles of joy are such a promise of joy and delight. But as you’ve probably read, being pregnant, although truly a miracle, can be rather tough on your body. Toothbrush Confidential has done the digging and below we’ve provided you a step by step oral health plan that will take […]


Thumb Sucking: Adorable or Dangerous?

Children often find comfort in thumb sucking. It’s adorable to witness and ultra sound photos have been taken of babies thumb sucking in the womb. Can something that brings so much relief and is so cute, actually be a problem? Yes, if it goes on too long. The level of intensity and duration of your […]


Ack! Dental Emergency! What Do You Do?

Dental emergencies don’t happen every day, but having a plan when you or your child is in pain can be priceless. Below we’ve listed the most common dental emergencies and a short plan of action. Why not bookmark this emergency action plan for future use? In case of dental emergency, it is always best to […]

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