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It is winter.

Many of us take holidays during the winter season. Something to escape the cold and the rain.

We know the idea of worrying about your oral health as you’re planning your sun soaked destination seems a little over the top. But hear us out. This is the inside track on how to make certain your oral health doesn’t interfere with your fun in the sun.

See Your Dentist Before You Fly

If your bi annual check up is due after you return or you are feeling some tooth pain or even have a bit of concern, see your dentist before you travel. This way if you have any dental issues pending they won’t become uncomfortable when you’re trying to relax by the pool. Also if you haven’t had the pleasure of flying with a root canal then you don’t know how excruciating it can be. The change in air pressure is disaster on an abscess tooth. If there is uncertainty about your tooth pain that cannot be resolved before you leave, ask your dentist to prescribe some antibiotics and pain killers that you can take with you. So why gamble and maybe have to suffer through your vacation in pain or go through the awkwardness of seeing a new dentist in a foreign land. Not all dentists are trained to deal with anxiety or even have good bedside manners. So book an appointment with your tried and true dentist and make certain you’re healthy before jetting off.

Dry those Bristles

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, when you’re travelling, you’ll want to put your toothbrush away wet. Give it a good cold rinse and a tap on the side of the sink to get all food particles out. Please do not: dry it with a blow dryer or a paper towel. This way bacteria won’t grow in amongst the bristles in your travel case. A toothbrush cover is always available at the looney stores.

Got a Toothbrush Will Travel

Keep your oral health kit handy in your carryon bag. This way you’ll be able to freshen up under any circumstances. Nothing helps you feel put together like a freshened mouth. You might not be able to jump in a shower, but you’re mouth needn’t suffer. At least put your toothbrush in the carryon if space is limited. Don’t feel embarrassed to brush your teeth in a public bathroom. People are probably envious that you have a toothbrush.

Also set up your travel kit with all your favourites: toothpaste, travel toothbrush, floss, soft picks, xylitol candy for dry mouth and mouthwash if you like. Everything is available in small travel sizes now. It’s an added incentive to care for your oral health when you bring some flavours of home.

Most electric toothbrushes hold their charge for a very long time so you can bring the electric toothbrush without the charger. However, the tossing around inside your luggage will accidentally push the button and you will arrive at the vacation home with an electric toothbrush that is totally discharged. Try to buy an electric toothbrush with a carrying case or find a hard case at the looney store. Bringing your electric toothbrush guarantees that you will have a better clean. It is also easier to use when you come in from a night of revelry at the all inclusive.

Some key ingredients to your travel kit should be:

• Advil and extra strength Tylenol combined can be very effective if you have dental pain

• Extra ortho wax for your braces

• If you might have an infection, your dentist can prescribe antibiotics.

• Disposable toothbrushes are a good idea in case you can’t get to your full oral health kit.

• Any regular medications, small first aid kit, and a sewing kit, a couple of small zip lock bags

Vacation Fun is More than Snacks!

Although vacations are a great time to live it up, keep hydrated and choose healthy snacks. There’s no reason for your health to take too much of a hit! Healthy snacks of nuts, fruit and veggies are always easy on the run! Mix your own before you go. That way, you cut costs and you can choose lower sugar dried fruit and lower sodium nuts. In fact for a bigger health kick, mix your regular salted nuts with raw nuts.

Now get out of here! Enjoy yourselves knowing that your oral health isn’t going to stop your fun!

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