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Tricked Out Healthy Halloween Treats!

Tricked Out Halloween TreatsSometimes we feel like fall is the season of candy. But what if it wasn’t? What if you had simple options for your Halloween healthy treats? What if your little tricksters loved them too?

We can feel your exaggerated eye roll from here. You’re thinking ‘ Toothbrushes, their going to tell us to give away toothbrushes!’ No we’re going to suggest floss. Kidding!

Goodie bag toys! Still fun! Still inexpensive! McDonalds has been on this for years. The toy in happy meal has been forever prized much longer than any Tootsie pop. Depending on the number of kids  you expect, have a couple of bowls of fun dollar store toys and maybe let the kids pick. You never know who will want the bracelet for their mom or the super cool coloured mini slinky.

Fun accessories – Another non-sugared and inexpensive treat! The parents might even get into the fun sunglasses, eye patches, mini boa’s, fake moustaches and crowns. Again let the kids pick and for the friends of the family it could turn into a super fun photo shoot. These are the things memories are made of.

Crafting Supplies – Halloween stickers, craft paper, fun pencils, erasers anything that gets those little imaginations going. Maybe your kids will have used some of the supplies to create their own Halloween decorations that will at the door as inspiration.

Now if you have your heart set on food as a treat, that’s cool. There are a lot more options than raisins now a days.

Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies are always a hit with the kids. They even come in graham cracker and chocolate flavours.

It may sound crazy, but we’ve seen more than a few kids happily enjoying individual packs of dried seaweed as snacks in our offices. That is a crazy amount of health in that little packet. And someone could show them how gross and Halloween like it looks once half chewed in the mouth. Not you of course.

Individual packs of juice flavoured gummies are better than the corn syrup packed ones. However they do stick to teeth, so brushing is a must afterwards.

Single servings of dark chocolate will serve the sweet tooth, pack a nutritional cocoa punch and not the sugar of a snickers bar.

There you have it, a healthy treat filled Halloween! Enjoy your time with your kids and don’t forget to treat yourself too!