Nitrous Oxide Sedation


Nitrous Oxide Gas, often referred to as laughing gas, is an effective drug that has many benefits for patients seeking dental treatment. Used on its own or in conjuction with conscious oral sedation, it helps to keep patients comfortable and relaxed. The gas is administered with a comfortable mask placed over the nose, the patient begins to feel a pleasant level of sedation in anywhere from 30 seconds to three or four minutes. After the treatment is completed, the patient is given pure oxygen to breathe for about five minutes, and all the effects of sedation are usually reversed. A patient that was anxious just a minute or two before treatment will become relaxed and calm.

Sedation dentistry allows us to help apprehensive patients get the dentistry they need. We cater to cowards! If you have not had dental treatment for many years but want to have a healthy smile again, conscious oral sedation dentistry is for you. Book your sedation dentistry consultation today with one of our sedation dentists.

Who Is a Candidate For Sedation Dentistry?

People who have…

  • high fear
  • traumatic dental experiences
  • difficulty getting numb
  • a bad gag reflex
  • very sensitive teeth
  • complex dental problems
  • limited time to complete dental care