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Gingivitis and Bad Breathe


It’s holiday time. If you are close to the people you love is bad breathe getting in the way?

Periodontal Disease or“gum disease” or Gingivitis is an item often misunderstood. Periodontal Disease or Gingivitis is gum disease . So, here are some symptoms of gum disease. Do you notice some bleeding from brushing your teeth or some pink in the water when you spit?

Have you been told that you have bad breathe? You are careful never to eat foods like garlic or onions and yet, there is still an odor. When you look in the mirror your gums look puffy and there is some red along the edge of the gum and the teeth. If your gums are healthy they would look a pink color and not painful to touch or to brush.

Gum disease starts as an accumulation of PLAQUE. When food is left on your teeth and that also be from a sweet drink or even a cocktail, the bacteria that is left forms a very soft substance called Plaque. Plaque forms along the gum line or between your teeth especially when teeth are crowded or crooked, we find plaque in areas that are hard to reach with a tooth brush.

Soft stage plaque becomes tartar if left on enamel. Tartar is a very hard substance that sticks to your teeth and can only be removed by dental professionals with hygiene tools, like a cavitron which works like a mini blaster. A professional cleaning is recommended twice a year. The truth is, if you practice healthy habits of brushing and flossing you will prevent gum disease.

Remember that inflammation in the mouth comes from bacteria that will flow to the rest of the body and it is now confirmed that there are direct links to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, pancreatic cancers etc.

A mouth without bad bacteria, is more attractive. Try kissing a fresh clean mouth!

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