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Teeth Whitening For The Fall

Whiter Teeth Make A Newer Younger Better You

It is printed, googled, mentioned, often suggested that a newer, younger, better you will include a better smile. A smile that is whiter, straighter and healthier not only provides a sense of pride but also delivers tons of confidence and a whole other level of professionalism. Just ask anyone who has taken the time to invest in their mouth and participated in a makeover. Women have divorced husbands or changed hair color. It is life changing.

For those who do not need a makeover and just need some updates or maintenance to get that same level of dental glow, here are some areas to check off.

Ladies, the color of your lipstick can screen or mask your teeth. By picking a dim red or a slightly medium coral shade you can make your teeth look whiter than normal. Darker colors will emphasize the contrast of dark or discolored teeth. Therefore by this rule, use a lighter lipstick.

Teeth will darken or yellow as you age. The enamel gets thinner with time and will pick up stains that contribute to a darker or yellower look. Even if you think your teeth are white ask your dental office to show you a dental teeth color chart. It will shock you that your teeth may look lean more towards yellow than white.

Whiter looking teeth is common today. Check out the teeth of your favorite movie stars. It is also very true that whitening your teeth will make you ten or more years younger looking. For the younger generation, whiter means cleaner, and more professional and sexier.

Have you considered porcelain veneers? If you are looking to get that perfect smile whiter and straighter, porcelain is the ultimate solution. The veneers will provide you the white that you desire and porcelain will never stain with red wine or blueberries. In some cases where the malocclusion or crooked teeth are not too severe, it is possible to create a straight new smile through porcelain veneers. This would give you that perfect smile without the extra couple of years of orthodontics.

Have you ever been told to brush your tongue? Bad breathe can come from many things in the mouth but the bacteria on the tongue also contributes the odors associated with bad hygiene. Brushing and flossing is already a big effort. If you can get into the habit of brushing your tongue after you brush your teeth you will be contributing to a healthier you. When you are used to that cleaner feel, go and buy a tongue scraper from your local drugstore. The minimal cost usually gives you two plastic tongue scrapers that will last a very long time. You will never regret adding that new habit. No more fuzzy tongue or bad breathe.

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