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Parents! Summer is the Best Time For Your Kids to See the Dentist

Summer is a great time for both school age and post secondary kids to see the dentist.

If you have school age kids, booking them a summer time dental appointment will save you the headache of missing school.  A dental visit could possibly be partnered up with another fun adventure.  Late teens and early twenties is the prime time for wisdom teeth to erupt and cause problems. So check your plan and get things taken care of while they are covered!

Are your kids still covered by your dental insurance? If your kids have just graduated from high school you’ll want to check your insurance coverage.  Every policy is different. For instance if you have an 18-year-old who has just graduated from high school, they can still be covered under your dental plan.  It is all based on what the Employer negotiates.  Some plans cover your children until 21. Some plans cover until your children are 25 years old, if they go to post secondary education as long as they prove full-time registration. You will want to look into the details of your dental insurance.

It’s also a great reminder during the lazy hazy days of summer that dental health is important!  Ice cream and candy floss makes for memorable days.  Just put brushing and flossing into the program more frequently.  Since sugar bugs can double in 24 hours, even a quick teeth brushing during the day helps to disrupt that multiplication.