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Where Do You Look?

Every six months you go to the dentist. You take good care of your teeth.
Usually it’s not a very stressful experience, until you’re sitting in the chair and the hygienist has started working away and where do you look?
The TV above you is on, but it feels weird to stare past the hygienist while she’s working. Do you look at the hygienist? Do you try to pretend you’re somewhere else and daydream?
Honestly this is one of those common awkward situations that happens to everyone!
1. Close your eyes and count your breaths. This is a meditation technique and completely blocks out the question of where to look!
2. Find a relaxing show on the TV and focus solely there. It’s not rude and the hygienist is used to it.
3. Try relaxation techniques like closing your eyes and starting with your toes imagining them melting into the chair. Then mentally scan up through your body slowly. As you move up you’ll notice an overall relaxation and time will speed by.
4.  Most of our Willow offices offer sunglasses.  This is useful for the water that splashes around and generally protects your eyes from flying debris.  The most useful bonus of sunglasses is that you can hide behind the glasses and really meditate.
Overall the best tip is to mention it to your hygienist. All our staff prides themselves on our ability to put your comfort first. No reason to feel awkward. It’s an awkward situation and we do our best to make you feel good in our dental chair.