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Orthodontics Are Just for Kids – Right?

Remember when Tom Cruise wore braces for a while? I remember being surprised that a superstar like Tom would think that he needed braces or that he wouldn’t schedule them for while he was out of the public eye. Like we assume stars do when they have plastic surgery. But no, he proudly flashed his braces for all of us to see. Then again he is Tom Cruise.

Do you wish you’d worn your retainer more vigilantly? Or do you wish you had Tom Cruise level of self confidence to have braces as an adult? The cool thing is now you don’t need to have super human self confidence, because we have Invisalign®.

Invisalign®, often referred to as clear braces, is as magical as they sound.

Can you imagine? Stealthily and systematically straightening your teeth and no one knowing what’s changing but you? Sounds too good to be true, right? One of our clients, used Invisalign® for an entire year without her husband finding out.

One of the most beautiful side effects of Invisalign® is watching as our patients confidence and self care  grow. We’ve had patients take the plunge and change everything they didn’t like about their lives after successfully creating the smile they’ve always wanted. Everything from losing weight to changing jobs to filing for divorce.

Invisalign® is suitable for both adults and teens and will address issues such as: crowding, widely spaced teeth, overbite, underbite and crossbite. Your treatment time is comparable with traditional braces, and sometimes can be shorter. I told you they were magical!

It sounds like something out of Harry Potter, but you can take the aligner off to eat and clean your teeth.  Remember when you were a kid, how frustrating it was to try and get all the food off your braces?   Now you simply slip them off, chow down on a burger or carrot stick then brush and floss, and you’re good to go.

Good to get on with your life. Since Invisalign aligners are comfortable and smooth, it’s easy for you to keep doing the things you want, like football, soccer, field hockey, and basketball or play the flute!